Top 20 Romantic Sms Text Messages

I have liked many But loved only one, Yet no-one has been as sweet as you;I did stand and wait In the wprlds lonegest queue,Just for the pleasure of a moment, With you.Because I Love you

I love you,I know, you love me,I miss you, you told me, I love you, I want to marriage  you. you told me again, I am sorry.I am already married.

If you ask me why I love you so much then I have no reason. But then love doesn’t require a reason. It simply happens.

Your love it feels so good And that's what takes me high Higher than I've been before Your love it keeps me alive Thougt I should let you know That your touch it means so much When I'm always thinking of you.

You may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart. U may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind. I may mean nothing to u, but u’ll always be special to me.

There's no limit to what I wouldn't do for you. Just ask, it will be done, no matter the miles, no matter the sacrifice. I love you, and you'll always be in my heart.

I have liked many but loved very few. Yet no-one has been as sweet as U.I would stand and wait in the worlds longest queue. Just for the pleasure of a moment with U.

your's love touched my heart, your's gentle touch moved my heart and, your's words inspired me are a special one in my life.

You say you love me and want to hold me tight. Those words run through my head day & night. I dreamt you held me & made me see that forever together we wood be !

A candle may melt and it’s fire may die, but the love you have given me will always stay as a flame in my heart.

Somewhere, someone dreams of your smile and finds your presence in life so worthwhile. So when you are lonely, remember it’s true that someone, somewhere, is thinking of you.

I just wanted you to know how very much I care, and that you are always in my thoughts even when I can’t be there. As you can see, you mean so much to me!

I would cross a thousand oceans just to hold you tight. I would climb a thousand mountains just to be with you every single night. Darling I miss you so much.