How to Bring Love Into a Relationship

Unsure about how to move forward in a relationship and express your love? When you’re in a relationship (or just starting one), you may wonder how it will progress, and how to express that you care. While some may think that having sex or saying "I love you" are the ways to bring love into a relationship, love is not just words or physical intimacy. Love is a deeper expression of your connection with a person both physically and emotionally.

Open yourself up to a deeper relationship. Being willing to love, and be loved, can be an uneasy experience sometimes because you may be afraid of getting hurt, or making the wrong move. Take your mind away from the "what if" and focus on being caring, loving, and respectful of your partner in the present.
  • Make sure that you don’t feel pressured by your partner to commit to a relationship that you’re not sure about. Be honest about what your motivations are for being with that person.
  • Often times, being open to love is about being happy with yourself. If you are not happy with who you are, or what’s going on in your life, it will be hard to find and receive love. [1]
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    Imagine being with your partner long-term. One way to know if you love someone is to imagine you’re in a long-term relationship with him. Do you see yourself with your partner in a year from now? Five years from now? Or even longer? If not, you may want to see if this relationship is simply based on physical desire, or a way to feel less lonely.
    • During the first few months of dating you may not be sure if you see yourself long-term with someone. It’s okay. Love often grows over time.
    • Be aware of how you feel as the months of dating progress. If you feel less interested in someone over time, don’t force yourself to say "I love you" or be in love with someone just because.
    Talk about your feelings. It’s okay to say what you feel, just understand that your partner is not you, and may not respond exactly the way you do. Be vulnerable, and say how you feel about the person. It can be tough, but ultimately communication is key to a lasting relationship.[2]
    • Think about if you have meaningful conversations that show your true self to your partner. Love is about talking about who you really are, including your hopes, dreams, and worries. Be honest.
    • If you've been a relationship for a while, consider conversations that focus on positive feelings, rather than negative. Remind your partner what makes her special by talking about how you feel.